Massage in Gingivitis and other Painful Oral Conditions in Veterinary Practice



Shergada, Dist : Ganjam, Orissa





Large number of animals with Anorexia, Inappetence (Partial absence of appetite), Anophagia (Decreased food intake) and Aphagia (Complete stoppage of food intake are very commonly seen in Veterinary practice. These may be due to digestive disorders with or without parasites, toxaemia, fever, shock, deficiency of vitamins and vital mineral etc. (J. Prasad et al). These may also be due to painful conditions of the oral cavity and pharynx of the animals, which interfere with prehension, grazing, drinking, swallowing and mastication (Blood & Henderson). For the first group, appetisers, anthalmintics, antibiotics and other specific remedies are abundantly available. However, for painful gums, dental and other painful oral conditions, the common treatment is the use of solutions of potassium permanganate, boric acid, alum, acid carbolic, Logol's iodine etc. The choice is not only limited but also there is scope for better remedies in these conditions).                                                                                                            




G-32 is an Ayurvedic product now being used in human practice for maintaining oral hygiene and for use in painful oral conditions as local application and massage. In view of the large number of animals that are brought to the Veterinary Dispensary with painful conditions of the oral cavity and the need for quick relief in these animals, it was decided to try the efficacy of G-32 in Veterinary Practice. To the extent we have reviewed the literature on the subject, so far there is no such study on G-32 in Veterinary Practice.




G-32 application and massage is to give remarkable improvement in 2 - 3 days in all painful gum and dental conditions. It contains the following ingredients reputed in Ayurveda:


Bakul (Minisops elongi)

Chok (Calcium carbonate)

Katho (Acacia catechu)

Laving (Myrtus caryophyllus)

Chikani supari (Araca catechu)

Fatakadi (Alum)

Mayaphal (Quercus infectoria)

Elaichi (Elatteria cardamomum)

Sonageru (Silicate of alumina and oxide of iron)

Jiru (Carum carui)

Majith (Rubia cordifolia)

Pashanbhed (Saxifruga ligulata)

Vaviding (Embelia ribes)

Pipada lakh (Ficus religiosa)

Samudrafin (Os sapiae)

Vajradanti (Barleria Prionitis)

Taj (Cinnamomum cassia)

Mari (Piper nigrum)

Sajikhar (Sodium carbonate)

Kulinjan (Alpania chinensis)

Piper (Piper longum)

Kapur (Camphora officinarum)

Kuth (Uncaria gambier)


The combination of these well known Ayurvedic drugs is described as having astringent, antiseptic, anti-in-ilammatory, anodyne, styptic, deodorant, aromatic, cooling and healing properties.


MATERIALS AND METHODS                                                                                                                

85 animals with stomatitis, gingivitis glossitis or pharyngitis, brought to the Veterinary Dispensary, Shergada, between July 1977 and Nov. 1977, were subjected to clinical trial with the use of G-32 application and massage. Among these animals, there were 62 bullocks, 11 cows 7 buffaloes and 5 calves. These animals had associated anorexia syndrome, anophagia or aphagia. The details of the animals are given in Table No. 1.                                                                                                                             

Table No. 1 :    Showing Species


Animal                                                  No.                                                     

Bullocks                                               62                                                                   

Cows                                                   11                                                       

Buffaloes                                              7                                                         

Calves                                                  5

Total                                                    85




G-32 tablets were crushed into powder (They could be easily crushed) and made into a paste with treacle. The paste was applied to the painful parts and the whole of the oral cavity and massaged, once a day. G-32 massage was done for two days and in case of no relief, it was done on the third day also. No more treatment was given after three days. Results were assessed after three days of G-32 application and massage.


G-32 dose of application was 10 tabs. Per day in bullocks and buffaloes, 5 -10 tabs. per

day in cows and 3 - 5 tabs. per day in calves.


In 5 animals, there was associated fascioliasis avitaminosis 'B', colic or weak health.

Appropriate treatment was also given for these animals.




With G-32 application and massage, 73 animals (85.9%) had Complete Relief within 2 days. 12 animals (14.1%) had Complete Relief in three days of G-32 application. It was remarkable to note that all the animals treated with G-32 application had complete relief within a maximum of three days. Because of the relief of their oral painful conditions, the animals began to take their normal feed without any difficulty. The owners of these animals were that their animals' painful oral condition had disappeared and they could give the normal feed to the animals. It was a great relief to the owners of these animals. The results are shown in Table no 2.


Table No. 2 : Showing Complete Relief


Animal              Relief in  2 days  Relief in 3 days                  Total

Bullocks           53                                9                                  62

Cows               10                                1                                  11

Buffaloes          6                                  1                                  7

Calves              4                                  1                                  5

Total                73                                12                                85

85.9%                          14.1%                          100.0%




85 animals having painful conditions of the oral cavity and associated with loss of feed were treated with G-32 application and massage of the oral cavity. There was complete relief of the painful oral conditions within a maximum of three days and then the animals could take their normal feed. No toxic or side effects were observed in the use of G-32.





Thanks are due to Shri. P. Nayak, A.L.I. for his assistance during the trial.

Thanks are also due to Alarsin Pharmaceuticals, Bombay, for their co-operation to conduct this trial.




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